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–Music is always part of a great party and adding in great company and good food and drink is about the best guarantee for a party everyone remembers for years. Music Makers DJ Service in Paso Robles has some tips to help the host and hostess from the idea to have a party all the way through until the last guests say goodnight.

Following these easy tips starting with the idea to have a party are going to help eliminate party-planning headaches.

Let’s have a party!

Where did you get the idea to have a party? Is it someone’s birthday, spring has arrived, the holidays or you just want to have a party? Planning a party around a theme starts getting guests in a party mood as soon as the invitations arrive.

Birthdays and anniversaries are themes in their own right. Throwing a party around a specific theme doesn’t have to be hard work and can add to the festivities. When you are just in the mood to have a party, think up some fun reason and ask guests to come dressed according to the theme. Even if the attire is sometimes as simple as wearing a theme related article of clothing or bringing a balloon.

Decide where and when to have the party and try to get invitations out at least four weeks in advance. Last minute parties can be a lot of fun but you run the risk of people you really want to be there having another commitment.

The guest list and invitations

Make a list of everyone you want at your party and keep the list someplace handy so you can check off names as people RSVP.

Before sending out the invitations, decide on where the party is being held, are you providing all the food and drink and will there be dancing?

If your party is a little more on the formal side and you are sending out written invitations be sure to send them out at least six weeks before the party. Wedding invitations should be sent at least eight weeks ahead of time. For weddings, a “Save the Date” notice can go out as far as four months in advance.

Digital invitations through an events app, or via email can be sent out four weeks in advance. Even though text and messaging are trendy, save invitations using those apps for those times you are getting a group of friends together at the last minute.

Will everyone fit in the living room?

How many people are you inviting and will the crowd fit? If the party is at your home is there room in the patio or yard?

  • Can you have a party at a public park or is there an inexpensive venue you can rent?
  • Is there enough parking?
  • Is there going to enough noise to bother your neighbors? Invite them, too!

Feeding a hungry crowd

A sit-down meal requires an additional layer of planning over a buffet. If you love cooking and entertaining these kinds of parties are an excellent way to share your passion for cooking and good food. Explore ways to cook for your guests without spending all day in the kitchen. Dishes that can be prepared ahead of time are a good choice. Consider preparing one hot dish in a setting where you can cook and chat at the same time. If your kitchen is not designed for entertaining move the cooking outside over a grill.

Potlucks are perfectly acceptable ways to feed hungry guests. You can provide the main dish and guests can bring side dishes.

BYOB and alcohol-free drinks

BYOB parties are just as acceptable as potlucks. If you are hosting a party on a budget and the main purpose is to get good friends together, provide a keg or some wine, and ask guests to bring their own favorite beverage.

No one wants a good friend to drink too much then drive. Provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, sparkling water and sodas are good standbys. Coffee and tea, especially towards the end of the evening when the desserts are brought out can signal that it’s time to stop drinking for a safe trip home.

Don’t hesitate to confiscate car keys and get your friend a safe ride home.

Are we dancing?

Music is a big part of every party, from background music to the latest dance tunes, music set the mood. Music Makers DJ Services of Paso Robles are the people to call for party music. All you need to provide is enough space for dancing. Music Makers DJ Service has a music database with over 92,000 songs and their professional DJs know how to get your guests moving and how to slow things down as the party comes to a close.

Give Music Makers DJ Service a call today for the music and for ideas for your party!

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